Venturing into the different interests in Photography have each brought to me its own skill set. The Camera being the main tool remains the same. However, the accessory hardware and software tools used to create a photo can be quite different. For example, Landscape Photography may just require a Camera with a decent lens, an optional filter, and a tripod. When taking Time-Lapse Photography, I have the camera remain static, or a camera slider system may be involved. Astrophotography requires a lot of planning, patience, and additional hardware designed for you to capture the night sky. You can do a lot of these with a Cell phone these days. Though I would like to add that the quality from a cell phone is not as great as that from a mirrorless or DSLR camera. There are things that you can do with a professional camera that you simply are not able to do with a cell phone camera. That may change in the coming future, but in the meantime, you cannot beat the quality of a professional camera.

Having a Professional camera is simply not enough. You need to gain the skills to use your camera in whatever situation you use it. You can start today by learning to understand each item from the Exposure Triangle and applying a skill to learn more about it. Practical knowledge and skill must by combined to create a piece of artwork that people would truly be interested in buying. If you have not got money to start with a professional camera today, you still can start learning SOME, but not all the skill set by using a high-end cell phone for photography.