Cellphone Photography

The photo to the left is from Taiwan.

There are many reasons someone can justify using a cell phone instead of a large professional camera. The reasons I usually choose are that I would not want to lose a large professional camera when traveling abroad. It is difficult to replace, and I would also lose any photos I might have stored in the memory card that is in the camera.

Sometimes some places will not allow for a professional camera to be used. But will allow you to bring your cell phone with you. Still allowing you to take photos. Music concerts are a good example of that.

There are some challenges with a cell phone. You’re not able to change the aperture of the lens. The closest you can change the ISO is by adjusting exposure. Some Cellphones make it difficult to focus on where you would like them to focus. There is some app for cellphone cameras. But I found that the apps get outdated almost immediately when you upgrade your cellphone. The best thing to combat this is to be familiar with your phone because each is different. And, be familiar with the exposure triangle. Every time you practice with your cellphone, it is one step closer to much better photos. Not to mention that if you practice with the triangle in mind, it’ll make for an easier transition to a professional camera. If you haven’t already got one.

Lastly, there are times when I use a cell phone camera as a backup. If you have a cell phone with a good photo sensor you can still take some amazing photos. The photos you see here were taken with my cell phone.

I hope you enjoy seeing them, as much as I enjoyed taking the photos. The photos are from a mixture of areas from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.





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Cell Phone Photography (Responses)