Mount Shasta, California Nov. 2021

This timelapse has many subtleties, it leaves you wondering if anything was happening at all. Like the trees dancing with the light. While the clouds above try to distract you. Mount Shasta is the most demanding for your attention. It took me a few times to see the dance of light and nature with this time-lapse. I hope that you enjoy it.

On a personal note:

A couple of simple mistakes on my part made this time-lapse more work than it should have been.

I felt like a rookie all over again as I was making corrections to my very noisy photographs. They were a mess. I’d like to blame the distraction of family and friends, but in truth, the fault is my own. In all, or maybe at the time, in ah. I was still able to gather some reasonable photos of Mount Shasta prepping to sleep for the night.

Thank you, fellow visitors, for respecting my opportunity to photograph Mount Shasta by not walking in front of the camera. Allowing for my timelapse to not be interrupted.

Lassen Volcanic National Park October 2020

Lassen Volcanic National Park was an awesome visit in October this year. I did not get to take as many of the planned photos as I would have liked this year. it just did not work out with everything I was trying to do. I was happy to at least be able to get a few nice photos and take some time to create this time-lapse. 

The time-lapse of the mountain range in the background, I feel, demonstrations precisely what photographers call Golden Hour. As the sun is setting from behind the camera. You see the mountain range turn from a grey-ish color to something more gold like.

The warm sunlight that is characteristic for the golden hour most likely occurs when the Sun is between 6 degrees below and 6 degrees above the horizon. By this definition, the golden hour begins with civil dawn in the morning and ends with civil dusk in the evening.

Taiwan 2017

My visit to Taiwan was wonderful. Not just spending time with family, but a time for me to start learning something new with photography. This was my first adventure in learning how to do time-lapse photography. It was a learn on the fly time for me. I had only just bought a GoPro for this purpose. I did not get to use the GoPro as much as I would have liked, but it gave me some content to practice and learn a new skill.

I had the challenge of learning the GoPro menu system as I tried to use what photography skill set I had at the time. I would suggest a GoPro for someone who is interested in time-lapse photography but have not got the big bucks for those nice cameras. It will allow you to learn a lot about time-lapse in general, all the way through the creation process.

Taiwan was certainly a transition of new understanding and skills for my photography talent.

This video has 3 of the 5 time-lapse that I have created during my visit to Taiwan. In the video, I have named the places I stayed at, so that you might someday enjoy them as well.

Time-lapse Orchid Flower July 2020

With this demonstration, I have obviously done a few time-lapse over the years. Not as much as I would like to because of time constraints. Partially with life events such as work, school, and some volunteering. Also finding subject matter that is not boring to watch, or to take a time-lapse on the same subject every time. I do the later to hone my skills.

I had wanted to do a time-lapse of some flowers for a while now. When I saw my GF's Orchids blooming, I set up the camera about as quickly as I could. Knowing that every second counts when it comes to a flower showing its wonderful colors.

This orchid time-lapse is of much better quality because I used my semi professional camera. My in between camera is a Sony A6000. It’s a mirrorless camera, and I’ll have to admit that switch between a DSLR to Mirrorless takes a little getting used to. So far I like the transition. One thing I do not like, is focus by wire. I feel as if I have less control of focusing with the camera.

I hope that you enjoy this nice orchid video.

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